Why do we resign ourselves to the never-ending task of re-zeroing our rifles? “Form” underscores the significance of selecting the correct rifle components to eradicate the need for frequent re-zeroing, ensuring consistent accuracy and precision.

Rokslide Drop Test Field Evaluation: https://rokslide.com/forums/forums/rifle-scope-field-evaluations.133/


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  • I loved the conversation. I’ve had most of my assumptions and beliefs about hunting and shooting turned upside down in the past few months by data and facts thanks to Form and people around him.

    There were a few other topics that almost got started but you kept on track to finish the drop eval. Specifically the “arguments for using a bigger bullet going faster” would be worth looking at, as well as when form mentioned using a spotter over 600yds and aiming in the center of the animal. I’m not sure if I heard that right or understood it correctly.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Tell, I think we all have had been red-pilled by Form in one way or another, his knowledge is unmatched. Good new is we will definitely have more podcasts with him, and we can certainly resurface these topics when we do. Cheers!

  • Ya Form changed me on a lot of info. Scopes, bullets and caliber. I was loosing zero and that got me stared on the rabbit hole on Rokslide. More Form!