Wound Channels, Bullet Energy, Magnums vs Average Cartridges, Ballistic Gel Studies and Much More.




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  • Thank you for this episode!

    Your guest validated a lot of things and dispelled a lot of “Known” truths.

    very informative. just mind blowing how many animals killed with the .223, and how he may not see a huge difference in time of death compared to the big magnums. bullets matter!

  • Your guest and commentator needs to learn a lot more of the physiology of how animals die and what makes them die quickly. He definitely does not understand tension pneumothorax. It is not a sucking chest wound. There are some isolated facts I agree with, but in general I am confused by him. Bullet fragments can travel considerable distances from the wound channel. I have seen it on x rays.

  • So what do you do if you’re stuck in California and have to hunt with copper bullets? How do you make a good decision on a caliber and bullet weight for; elk, deer, antelope, blacktail, and black bear.