$2495 deposit only, with the $2500 remaining balance due prior to class.

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CALLING ALL HUNTERS- Only 6 spots will be offered.

$2495 deposit only, with the balance due 1 week prior to the hunt.


350 rounds needed, 6.5 PRC or smaller, prefer suppressed rifles, Unknown Munitions will have some Tikka rifles available on site for rent or purchase.

OTC Black Bear License is $19 for Residents and $350 for NON-Residents. Can be purchased after 3/01/2024, only 1 allowed per person per year. There is no specific UNIT for this hunt; you will just need to purchase a general bear tag.

Shoot2Hunt has teamed up with Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters to offer you a truly unique shooting and hunting experience.

Shoot with Ryan Avery, Jake Mushaney, and Form to learn positional shooting as it pertains to hunting scenarios, then head out to spot and stalk black bears in Big Timber Montana.

Our goal at Shoot2Hunt is to create more efficient killers and how better to do this than to train you how to shoot first and then go put your skills to the test immediately afterwards by Hunting black bear in Montana. This will not be a hand held type of guided hunt, we will help you find bears and then assist as your shooting training kicks in and you handle business.

3 Days of positional shooting school with Rokslide’s one and only “FORM” and then,

3 Days of spot and stalk bear hunting with Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters to immediately put what you’ve learned to the test.

Shooting training and Lodging held at the same location just off the freeway in Big Timber MT.

FROM ABSAROKA BEARTOOTH OUTFITTERS OWNER CAMERON MAYO— Our bear hunting territory comprises approximately 75,000 acres of private land in SW Montana.  It is rolling hills with deep timbered creeks creating incredible habitat for fair chase spot and stalk bear hunting.   Our ranches are 2nd to none when it comes to bear hunting in Montana.  We glass south sloping hillsides that green up with every day of the spring sunshine.  The bears are hungry coming out of their dens and gorge themselves on the fresh green grass chutes poking up from the winter stricken ground.

The hunt is based out of our lodge in Big Timber, MT. It is a 1×1 adventure that starts with an early breakfast and morning hunt, a lunch and a mid day nap at the lodge, followed by an evening hunt until dark.  The days are long in the spring so a mid day nap is usually necessary.  Expect long hours of glassing and covering country in trucks, jeeps, or SxS.  The typical shot distance is 200 to 400 yards depending on the hunters experience.   We are lucky in our area to have all color phases of Black Bear which includes cinnamon, blond, brown,  and of course black.  Our hunters typically see several bear options during their hunt.  This allows our hunters the opportunity to pass on bears if they are so inclined however we always say “don’t pass on something the first day that you would be happy with on the last.”


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