Our Work

Unknown Munitions is a custom rifle builder, ammunition loader, and Cerakote shop. Located in beautiful Post Falls, Idaho, Unknown Munitions brings a new level of precision and craftsmanship to the custom rifle building industry. Working directly with some of the best machinists around, UM brings proprietary actions, rails, scope mounts, stocks, and much more directly to consumers. Using their access to these brands they are able to bring quality custom rifles tailored to each and every hunter.


Unknown Munitions needed a better way to reach and interact with their customer base. They also needed high quality material to promote their high-quality products. With social media and marketing taken care of by us, they would have far more time to focus on what they do best – crafting the best rifles around.

So we did what we do best. 



Unknown Munitions already had many loyal followers, but in order to expand the brand, we needed more customers. One thing we noticed was that UM only had 13 Google reviews. Thus our first step in creating a new and improved brand was making UM the top Google result in the area for terms like “guns”, “rifles”, “ammo”, “painting”, and “Cerakote”. We utilized a program that allowed us to prompt customers with emails and SMS messages to write a review if they liked the services they received.


The next step was creating a cohesive and unifying brand presence on social media to captivate our audience. In order to accomplish that we created a schedule of posts, creating photos and videos showcasing rifle builds, ammunition, and a few things just for laughs. Our most common posts are rifle showcases. We use a special background and format as the style for UM, creating images that are easily recognizable as UM products. Making our posts even more professional is the way that we cut out the rifle, as well as extend the image into three separate slides that can be scrolled through by the user. This allows the user to effectively zoom in on the image to see the details and professionalism displayed in UM products.

> Photography

Every brand needs high quality photography, and Unknown Munitions is no exception. We provide crisp images, ready to be used for social media posts, product images, and showing what they do to the world. 


We continue to work with Unknown Munitions, managing their social media, creating graphics, and building their brand. We are currently working on a very special and top secret project for them. You would be wise to check in soon for a big update.