Looking to learn more about the inner workings of rifles? Look no further than our latest podcast episode, the second installment of our Rifles Deconstructed Series! In this episode, we are joined by Bruce and Daryle from Bat Machine, a leading rifle action manufacturer. With their expertise in benchrest shooting action and hunting actions, our guests dive deep into the various aspects of rifle actions.

Throughout the episode, we discuss a range of topics, including recoil lug thickness, action material differences, tenon thread diameter, weight vs. strength, barrel weight limits on said action, two-lug vs. three-lug, modular bolts, bolt nose differences, firing pin diameter, drag, protrusion, clock on close, action coating, controlled vs. push round feed, trigger hanger, pressure relief hole, bedding and action, ignition energy, body to lug clearance, and pre-fit barrels. Whether you’re an avid shooter or just curious about rifles, this episode is a must-listen. So grab your headphones, tune in, and join us for an in-depth exploration of rifle actions!

🖥️ Bat Machine’s Website: https://www.batmachine.com/

🖥️ Website: https://shoot2hunt.com/

📱 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoot2hunt/

🚨Podcast Submissions accepted at [email protected] Milcom Lube: https://www.amazon.com/Mil-Comm-Premium-1-5-Ounce-Synthetic-Lubricant/dp/B002T1ZW2E

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