Beginning- Politics

10:22 Flush cups for rokstoks

15:30 Rokstok/ Cerakote

18:30: Draws are coming out

21:20 6cm for draws

24:55 Hunting with kids

30:25- wildcat discussion

36:34 – 223

43:00- 22 um discussion

37:32- 6.5/7PRC

41:35- Get back to the 6 saum vs 6.7prc

57:18 Drop test idea




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  • 1) 700-750 rounds on a barrel is crazy! Anybody who actually shoots their hunting rifle or just likes trying stuff reloading would waste a barrel in no time. That would be a non-starter for me.
    2) You mentioned using QuickLoad. I have it and have played with it quite a bit. I cannot get it to work consistently. I will get it dialed in for one specific load and then experiment with other loads and it will be essentially useless. I do not see how it could ever be trusted for unknown loads.
    3) Great podcast! Keep it up.
    4) Get to work with Stocky’s on a Rokstock for a Kimber Montana. Add a UM DBS and while I’m dreaming see if you can make the 84M accept a little longer COAL (currently 2.82″ is a bit limiting).