After Ryan Lampers ran into Ryan Avery at the Western Hunt Expo, he extended a challenge to the Shoot2hunt team: embark on a 90-day journey following the Carnivore Diet. Lampers, drawing from his own experience, will elaborate on the nuances of this dietary regimen and establish the framework for us.


Key Topics: 

4:35 Weigh In Time

18:00 Autophagy

21:33 What Can We Eat

22:50 What Are You Eating For Dairy and Seasoning – Jake

33:35 Long-Term Side Effects

31:19 Working Out On The Diet

28:49 What Differences Are Between Your Diet And Your Wife – Tanya

40:23 Luke’s Experience With The Carnivore Diet

44:39 Electrolytes and Vitamins

46:39 Have You Saved Money or Lost Money – Luke

48:25 Fruits?

55: 05 Talking Sh*t About Mark L

1:03 Placing Bets

1:05 Lampers New And Improved Shooting Pad

1:11:22 How’s That RokStok Doing? -Lampers

2:12:28 SpeakPipe

1:19:25 Lampers Challenges Luke To a Mountain Hike Challenge?


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